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Taking Part in Bell Let’s Talk Day

Jan. 28, 2021

Today, ASEBP is proud to take part in Bell Let’s Talk Day. This year’s theme is Give because every action, whether big or small, makes a difference when it comes to mental health. Talking—and listening—has never been so important, as many of us struggle with the challenges of this pandemic.

It Takes a Village

Jan. 25, 2021

You’ve likely heard the adage ‘it takes a village to raise a child’. But these days, as a teacher, bus driver, custodian, payroll clerk (or other role), you may need to continue leaning on your ‘village’ of support and caring to help you navigate life’s ups and downs, especially now amid a global pandemic.

Pre-paring for Our Well-being

Nov. 2, 2020

The highs of trick-or-treating season are over now, and with the holiday season just around the corner it’s a great time to think about our health, and in particular, type 2 diabetes. November is diabetes awareness month, and we want to help you focus on creating a lifestyle that keeps you well along your lifelong health journey. Fun fact: type 2 diabetes is entirely preventable! This is a big deal because it’s completely within our power to manage our wellness and be a good example for others in our lives.

Stay Flu-Free this Fall

Oct. 14, 2020

Seasonal influenza—the flu, if you will—is a respiratory virus that thrives in the fall and winter months, bringing with it a number of unpleasant symptoms. It’s easily spread from person to person and can cause severe outcomes (including fatalities), making it a serious public health concern.

My Health, Easy Access

May. 7, 2019

With access to information like immunizations you’ve received in Alberta, medications administered from community pharmacies and lab test results, along with great tools to help you keep better track of your health, MyHealth is home to valuable, easy-to-understand health information and tools made for all Albertans. You also have access to general information about health conditions, healthy living, medications, tests, treatments, educational videos, symptom checkers, emergency phone numbers and a healthcare locator (e.g.

Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body

Feb. 11, 2019

You may not think it, but skipping your annual or semi-annual dental checkup may be having an impact on more than just your plaque buildup. Studies have shown that your oral health—the health of your mouth—directly impacts certain aspects of your overall health.  

Have you Checked your Labels Lately?

Jun. 15, 2018

It’s a task that’s often forgotten, but regularly checking the labels on your prescriptions and other over-the-counter health products ensures that you’re not taking anything expired or keeping medication you no longer need. If you do find yourself with unused or expired medications, it’s important that you bring them to your pharmacy for proper disposal.

The Alberta Pharmacists’ Association has a few tips for returning medications to your pharmacist: 

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