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NOTE: This information is only current as of Jul 16, 2024. Please visit asebp.ca for the most up-to-date information.

Reference herein to ASEBP includes The Alberta School Employee Benefit Plan. Unless otherwise specifically stated, the Terms of Use applies to all ASEBP websites and mobile content (collectively referred to as the "Websites"). If you access and use the Websites you agree to be bound by and comply with the Terms of Use. You will be required to set up a My ASEBP account to access the mobile content.

This page contains information on the use of ASEBP’s Websites under the following headings:

  • Technical Information
  • Copyright and Trademark
  • Accuracy of Information
  • Use of this Website
  • Information on this Website
  • Legal Action Against ASEBP

Technical Information

To view and print some of the documents on the Websites, you may need Adobe Acrobat Reader®. If you do not have this software, you may download Acrobat Reader free of charge.

Copyright and Trademark

The Alberta School Employee Benefit Plan, ASEBP, the ASEBP logo, and all ASEBP product names may not be used as hyperlinks or reproduced without our prior written consent.

The content and design, including all text, images, PDFs and software used in the Websites, are protected by copyright. Reproduction or redistribution of any part of this website is permitted only with our prior written consent.

For permission to reproduce or republish any part of the Websites, please contact ASEBP.

Accuracy of Information

The Websites were designed and are intended for general information and reference purposes. They should not be used to replace contact with your employer, employee representative or an ASEBP Benefit Specialist. Please contact ASEBP for answers to your questions.

The information provided on the Websites are subject to change and update without notice. Every reasonable effort is made regarding the quality of information on the Websites; however, ASEBP cannot guarantee the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of any site content, site functionality, or your transmission of any site content from the site to you.

Other websites that may be accessed from the ASEBP Websites by hypertext links are entirely independent of the Websites. The inclusion of any site acknowledgments, identification of any person or entity in the site, or any hypertext link to another person or entity shall not, in any manner, be construed as an endorsement of such person's or entity's World Wide Web site, products, services, or contributions to the site.

Other websites which may provide access to the Websites by hypertext links are entirely independent of the ASEBP Websites. Any direction by a third party to the ASEBP Websites shall not, in any manner, be construed as an endorsement by ASEBP of such party's website, products or services.

Use of This Website

The ASEBP Websites do not, and are not intended to provide any benefit, health or medical advice, and shall not be relied upon by you in that regard.

You agree that your use of the Websites shall be on an "as is" basis entirely at your risk. Neither ASEBP, nor any of its Trustees, officers, directors, or employees, nor any other person associated with the creation of the Websites or its contents, shall be liable or responsible to any person for any harm, loss or damage that may arise in any connection with your use of the Websites, including without limitation any direct, indirect, special, third party or consequential damages. Without limiting the foregoing, ASEBP shall not be responsible for any detrimental reliance that you may place upon the Websites or its contents whatsoever.

The Websites shall not be used, or relied upon by you, as a substitute for professional medical advice or information that is provided to you in direct consultation with an ASEBP representative.

Information on the ASEBP Websites

The information on the Websites provides general information concerning your ASEBP benefits. It contains a summary of the technical documents held by the underwriting insurance companies and describes the administrative requirements of ASEBP. For full details, refer to the ASEBP plan documents and insurance policies.

ASEBP makes every effort to ensure that personal information accessible through the Websites is current and accurate. If you think that your claims or HSA expense information is inaccurate, please contact a benefit specialist before acting on the information. If any of your personal information appears to missing or incorrect or if you have any questions about what you're viewing, please contact a benefit specialist. If your address information is incorrect and you're actively employed, please contact your employer. If you're enrolled in Supplemental Package or Early Retiree benefits, please contact a benefit specialist.

ASEBP’s benefit plans and services are available only to eligible employers entitled to enter into a Participation Agreement, as set out in the ASEBP Deed of Trust. All ASEBP benefit plans and services shall be subject to the terms and conditions of the ASEBP Plan Documents and applicable Participation Agreements.

In case of a disagreement in interpretation, the language of the plan documents and group policies is legally binding. The information on the Websites shouldn't be relied upon in determining your legal rights under any ASEBP plan. If you're concerned about your rights to make a claim under any coverage, you should obtain a copy of the plan document for review. Copies of the individual plan documents are available from your employer or ASEBP.

Legal Action Against ASEBP

Any action or proceeding against ASEBP or any of its underwriting insurance companies for the recovery of insurance monies must be brought about within the timeframes stipulated under the Insurance Act and/or Limitations Act.