More than just health benefits, we’re a trusted partner on your lifelong health journey.
We are ASEBP.

With uniquely designed health benefit plans, programs and services that support the public education sector family in Alberta, ASEBP is a rarity in the traditional health insurance arena. Count on us to be the tailored, sustainable, holistic choice for you and your family throughout your personal and workplace wellness journeys.

With our first spotlight of 2020, we’re learning about the caring and always friendly Carol.
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Ever wish you could access EFAP tools and resources whenever and wherever you wanted? Well, wish no more!
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In the wake of the terrible Ukrainian Airlines tragedy, know that our partner, Homewood Health, has made additional supports available.
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Just a heads-up that some of your benefit balances will be refreshing on Jan 1, 2020. If you’ve been meaning to get that massage or other eligible product or service, now’s the time to check your balances on My ASEBP and make any last appointments before the end of the year.
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