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Managing your Coverage

What's the eligibility criteria for ASEBP benefits? What if you apply late, or have a change in your employment status? Read on for the ins and outs of your benefits, explained.


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    Basic Eligibility

    In order to be eligible to receive ASEBP benefits coverage through your employer, you must:

    • Be an active employee and have completed at least one day of work for your employer
    • Work a minimum number of hours that is equivalent to at least a 0.2 of a full-time position (your employer’s eligibility criteria may include a higher number of minimum hours or a waiting period) 
    • Be covered under a provincial health care insurance plan
    • Be under the age of 65 (see Working Past Age 65 for exceptions)
    • Be a resident of Canada


    Getting Started

    When you start working for your employer, they’ll send us the basic information required to enrol you in ASEBP coverage. There are a few things you may need to do as well. 

    • Depending on your employment arrangement, you may have to make some of the following choices about your benefit coverage:
      • If your coverage or participation is optional, you’ll need to decide whether to participate or not. (Note that if you waive coverage but want to apply at a later date, you may face late applicant restrictions. See Applying Late for details.) 
      • If you have benefit coverage through your spouse you can choose not to participate in benefits that you receive under their coverage. (Note that it’s important to indicate that you’re waiving the benefit because of spousal coverage so you don’t face late applicant restrictions if you lose that coverage at a later date. See Applying Late for details.)
      • You will need to let your employer know whether you want single or family coverage.
    • Depending on your situation, you may also need to enrol your dependants or designate beneficiaries for your benefits. 

    All of the above must be completed and submitted to your employer within 31 days of becoming eligible. Applications submitted after 31 days are considered late and may include restrictions. See Applying Late for details. 

    In most circumstances, when all of the above has been completed and submitted to your employer within the 31 days, the effective date of your coverage will be your first day of employment or the first day that you become eligible for benefits under your collective or employment agreement.

    Applying Late

    There are a few different reasons you or your dependants may be considered a late applicant and some situations have restrictions or coverage limitations. You are a late applicant if:

    • You do not make your benefit choices within the 31-day window
    • You do not advise us that you have dependants within the 31-day window
    • You choose to waive a benefit but decide to apply for it at a later date (after the 31-day window)
    • You cancelled your benefit coverage while on a leave of absence (or it was cancelled because of a missed payment) but want to reinstate it after you return to work

    Please let your employer know if you are interested in applying for benefits as a late applicant.

    The restrictions and requirements for late applicants are different depending on the benefit. 

    For Life Insurance, Accidental Death & Dismemberment, Extended Disability Benefits and Extended Health Care (Drugs, Other Medical Services & Supplies and Travel Emergencies):

    • To qualify for these benefits as a late applicant, you (and your dependants if you have any) must provide medical evidence that you’re in good health. Please connect with your employer for the form and other details.
    • If approved, your coverage will come into effect on the first day of the month following the decision date (e.g. you were approved October 15, your coverage would come into effect on November 1).

    For Dental Care and Vision Care:

    • Late applicant coverage for Dental and Vision Care benefits come into effect on the date you sign the forms with your employer. 
    • For late applicants, claims for Dental and Vision Care benefits have the following deductibles applied to them for 12 months from the time of your approval:


    Dental Care Deductibles

    Plan 1 Plan 2 Plan 3
    $250 for basic services per person $500 for basic and major services combined per person $500 for basic and major services combined per person; orthodontic services are not covered during the first 12 months


    Vision Care Deductibles

    Plan 2 Plan 3
    $125 per person $175 per person

    Working Past Age 65

    If you’re planning to work past the age of 65, you can continue some of your existing benefit coverage as long as you’re actively working at the time that you turn 65. Please note that if you're eligible to continue your benefit coverage, the following rules and limitations apply:

    For Extended Health Care (Drugs, Other Medical Services & Supplies and Travel Emergencies), Dental Care and Vision Care:

    • Your benefits can be extended up to the June 30 following your 70th birthday as long as you remain actively working
    • Your coverage remains at the same level/plan you had prior to turning 65 but shifts to be the plan that pays second when you have coverage available through government-sponsored seniors’ health programs like Alberta’s Coverage for Seniors plan

    For Life Insurance and Accidental Death & Dismemberment:

    • The amount of coverage for these benefits is reduced by 50 per cent on your 65th birthday
    • Your benefits (though reduced) can be extended up to the June 30 following your 70th birthday as long as you remain actively working
    • When you turn 65, you have the option of converting a percentage of your group life insurance policy to an individual policy (see Life Insurance for details)

    For Extended Disability Benefits:

    • If you’re receiving Extended Disability Benefit (EDB) payments as you approach age 65, your coverage will end on the last day of the month following the month in which you reach age 65. (E.g. if you turn 65 on December 1, 2017, your disability coverage would end on January 31, 2018.) 
    • If you’re not receiving EDB payments as you approach age 65, your EDB coverage will end three months before you turn 65, due to the 90-day EDB elimination period.

    For the Supplemental Package:

    • If you're entering into a new employment contract and are over age 65, you may be eligible to participate in our Supplemental Package. Learn more about these benefits on the Supplemental Package page.

    Changes to Your Employment Status

    Employment changes can have important implications for your benefit coverage.

    If you're on a Leave of Absence

    See While on Leave for the full details around how your benefit coverage might change while on a leave of absence.

    If you're Laid Off

    You may be eligible for ASEBP benefit coverage for up to 90 days after you've been laid off. The first place to start is by connecting with your employer.

    If you're on an Exchange or Secondment Outside Canada

    If you’re considering participating in an approved teacher exchange program or accepting a secondment position, know that you are eligible for ASEBP benefit coverage as long as:

    • You have an Outside Canada Teacher Exchange/Secondment Agreement that outlines the coverage provided and any special conditions and it is signed by you, your employer and ASEBP before you start your placement  

    If these conditions are met, your coverage will be subject to the following limitations:

    • If you qualify for Extended Disability Benefits (EDB) and decide to remain outside Canada, the maximum period you can receive benefits is 24 months. If you return home within the 90-day elimination period, the regular provisions of EDB will apply
    • ASEBP Extended Health Care (Drugs, Other Medical Services & Supplies and Travel Emergencies), Dental Care and Vision Care benefits (if enrolled) pay second to any other health care coverage the sponsoring agency or government involved requires you to have
    • If you need to be medically evacuated, your Travel Emergencies benefit (if enrolled) will use your current place of residence so you will not be returned to Canada unless you ask to be

    If you do not have a signed contract to extend your benefit coverage while you’re on your exchange or secondment, your coverage will be further subject to the following limitations:

    • You will have only emergency services for the following benefits (if enrolled):
      • Drugs, Other Medical Services & Supplies, Dental Care and Vision Care 
      • If you need to be medically evacuated, your Travel Emergencies benefit will return you to Canada
    • If you require Extended Disability Benefits and refuse to return home, your eligibility to make a claim may be impacted

    Before you leave on your exchange or secondment, be sure to:

    • Contact your provincial health care insurance plan (in Alberta this is AHCIP)
    • Include a copy of your signed agreement and cover letter with your VISA application if you're going to Australia
    • Update your email address and banking information on My ASEBP 
    • Complete the Greater Than 100 Day Supply of Prescription Drugs Request to obtain a supply of your current prescriptions for your entire stay
    • Remember to use the Emergency Out-of-Country Claim form for all claims you incur during your stay

    If you're no Longer Employed

    Your benefits are cancelled when you are no longer working for your employer (terminated) for any reason, though you will still have an additional 60 days to submit any expenses that were incurred up to the date you were terminated for your Spending Account benefits (if applicable) and will still be eligible to convert your ASEBP group life insurance plan into an individual policy.

    Changes to Your Personal Information

    Banking Information

    It’s important to ensure your banking information is current. Benefit reimbursements and withdrawals of your benefit premiums (if applicable) are all done electronically. To change your banking information, visit the My Profile page under the profile icon on My ASEBP. You can add a deposit account, and a withdrawal account depending on your needs.

    Address and Contact Information

    You can change your contact email address on My ASEBP by clicking the profile icon and choosing My Profile. We recommend using a personal email address so we can reach you regardless of any changes in your working status.

    To change your address, you'll need to contact your employer. If you’re an early retiree or participating in the Supplemental Package, please contact us.

    Name and Marital / Dependant Status

    For name changes and changes to your marital status and dependants, you'll need to fill out a Change Application form. Active employees should submit the form to their employers. If you’re an early retiree or participating in the Supplemental Package, please submit the form to us.

    Reasons for Cancelled Benefits

    Your ASEBP benefit coverage will be cancelled if:

    • You are no longer employed with the participating employer (e.g. termination, resignation, retirement (except Early Retirement), death) 
    • You are no longer eligible for coverage according to the terms and conditions of ASEBP benefit plans (see Basic Eligibility for details)
    • You transfer to an employee group that doesn’t have ASEBP coverage
    • Your employer’s participation in the ASEBP plan ends
    • The premiums for your coverage are outstanding 

    Making an Appeal

    General Benefits Appeal

    ASEBP’s appeal process is designed to ensure that:

    • no one entitled to benefits is denied them because procedure was not followed correctly
    • you have an opportunity to appeal if you are unsatisfied with the decision regarding your claim because of ASEBP policy

    For more information, contact us.

    Extended Disability Benefits Appeal

    You can appeal a claim decision in either of the following two cases:

    • when you submit the claim, if your EDB claim is declined
    • after a period of disability where benefit payments were received, if Extended Disability Benefits are terminated

    The Extended Disability Benefits appeal process is designed to ensure that no one with an entitlement to EDB is denied them because: 

    • procedure was not followed correctly
    • medical information on file was misinterpreted

    For more information about the appeals process, contact your claims facilitator.

    Fraud and Abuse of Benefits

    To prevent fraud and the abuse of benefits, ASEBP routinely reviews claims for accuracy and has measures in place designed to prevent and detect inappropriate and unusual claims. This includes working directly with our covered members in the investigation of all areas of suspected fraud and abuse of benefits.  

    The vast majority of claims are submitted in good faith, but sometimes covered members and service providers take advantage of benefit coverage for their personal gain. Some examples include:

    • An unauthorized person getting access to your benefits account and claiming their expenses under your plan
    • Claiming benefits that aren’t covered by the plan as an eligible benefit (e.g. receiving a spa treatment and claiming it as a therapeutic massage)
    • Service providers claiming for services that aren’t medically necessary or weren’t provided
    • Misrepresentation of conditions in a disability claim

    Fraud and the abuse of benefits is unlawful, and affects everyone. It has lasting impacts, including higher premiums, a reduction in benefit coverage and can even lead to loss of benefit coverage.

    Prevention starts with you! There are things you can do to help protect your benefits, including:

    • Be cautious of aggressive sales tactics to persuade you to buy unnecessary products or services. Only purchase products or services that are medically necessary.
    • Never sign blank claim forms. Only sign claim forms once you’ve confirmed they’re complete and accurate.
    • Only share your ASEBP ID number with your health care providers.
    • Regularly check your claims history and benefit utilization on My ASEBP or the My ASEBP Mobile App to make sure all claim details are correct. If you notice anything wrong, report it! 

    How to Report Unusual Claims

    If you become aware of an abuse of benefits or any fraudulent claims, please contact us through any of the means below. You can report any suspected cases of fraud anonymously through our confidential hotline.

    Toll Free: 1-844-827-TIPS (827-8477)

    Benefit Inquiries


    Phone 780-431-4786
    Fax 780-438-5304
    Toll Free 1-877-431-4786