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NOTE: This information is only current as of Jan 21, 2022. Please visit for the most up-to-date information.

Early Retirement

The window to apply for our Early Retiree benefits is closing. If you’re interested in applying for these benefits, you must have a retirement date of, or before, December 31, 2021 (with the last day worked on or before December 30). For retirement dates effective January 1, 2022 or later, you can apply directly to our MyRetiree Plan.

If your employer currently funds your Early Retirement benefits or you’re already receiving Early Retirement benefits, you can remain on this plan until the last day of the month in which you turn 65.

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Eligibility Criteria

  • At least 50 and under 65 before the date of retirement
  • Worked for a minimum of five consecutive years at an ASEBP-participating employer immediately preceding your last day of work
  • Were enrolled in ASEBP benefits through your employer immediately preceding your retirement date
  • Remain a resident of Canada
  • Covered by a provincial health care insurance plan
  • Retired from an employer group that continues their ASEBP benefits
  • Your employer must submit your completed Early Retiree Benefits Coverage Application  to us within 31 days of your retirement date

Note that the following is a comprehensive summary of the official, legally binding ASEBP insurance policies and plan documents, which are available through your employer or by contacting us.

Going Back to Work

If you decide to return to work after you’ve already retired, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Returning to an employer who offers ASEBP benefits: If you are eligible for your employer’s ASEBP benefits, your Early Retirement benefits will be suspended until you leave this position or are no longer eligible for Early Retirement benefits. If you are planning to have your Early Retirement benefits reinstated, you will need to let us know within 31 days of your last working day by completing the Early Retiree Change Application. If you do not complete the form within this time, your Early Retirement benefits will be cancelled. 
  • Returning to an employer who doesn’t offer ASEBP benefits: You can choose to continue receiving all or some of your benefit coverage. If you decide not to continue any part of your benefits, you will not be eligible to reapply for coverage once you stop working. Use the Early Retiree Change Application to reduce or cancel your coverage.

Making Changes to Your Early Retirement Benefits

Once you’ve enrolled in Early Retirement benefits, there are only a few changes you can make to your general health benefits. All changes, regardless of the Early Retirement benefits you have, must be made using the Early Retiree Change Application

  • Increase coverage level: you can only move from single to family coverage for your general health benefits if you get married, lose spousal/alternative coverage or gain a dependant. You have 31 days from one of these events to request an increase in coverage. 
  • Decrease coverage: you can move from family to single or covered under spouse/alternative coverage for any of your general health benefits at any time.
  • Termination of coverage: you can terminate your Early Retirement benefits at any time.
  • Continuing your coverage: you can apply to our MyRetiree Plan even if you aren’t yet 65.

What's Covered

You can find a list of your current and available benefits under Coverage on My ASEBP or on your ASEBP ID card on the My ASEBP Mobile App. For specific details on your coverage, please refer to the applicable Benefits page.

What's Not Covered

  • Employee and Family Assistance Program
  • Extended Disability Benefits
  • Spending Accounts
  • For limitations that relate to a specific product or service, please visit the applicable Benefits page.

When You Turn 65

Our Early Retirement benefits will automatically end on the last day of the month of your 65th birthday. Here are some things to consider when you’re approaching your 65th birthday: 

  • If you plan to fully retire after turning 65, you can apply to our MyRetiree Plan to continue your coverage indefinitely.
  • If you plan to continue working for an ASEBP-participating employer past 65 (with no break in employment), you can choose to continue some of your benefit coverage. See Managing Your Coverage for details.
  • If you're entering a new employment contract and are over 65, you may be eligible for the Supplemental Package. Learn more about these benefits on the Supplemental Package page.
  • The eligibility criteria for the Coverage for Seniors program changed effective March 1, 2020. The new change states that family members younger than 65 years of age will no longer be covered by the Coverage for Seniors program. Albertans 65 years of age and older will continue to be covered by the program. For more information, visit this resource from the Government of Alberta.

Additional Information

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Applying For Coverage

Note: we will stop accepting application for our Early Retirement benefits as of December 31, 2021. Should you wish to apply for retirement benefits after this date, you can apply to our MyRetiree Plan.

To apply for Early Retirement benefits, complete our Early Retirement benefits form.

Paying Your Premiums

Premiums are paid monthly by pre-authorized debit withdrawals on the 15th of every month.

Please note that it’s possible for your premiums to change yearly. Early Retirement benefits premiums are made up of each year’s base premium rates and then adjusted based on your former employer’s overall benefit usage, which means discounts or surcharges may be applied.

Pre-Retirement Planning Resources

Thinking about retirement? Take advantage of your Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) to make sure you’re retirement-ready. Your EFAP offers a wide range of free services to help you assess or begin your retirement planning, like articles (Retire Happy, Healthy and Secure and Pre-Retirement Planning), e-courses (Preparing for your Retirement) and even coaching services through the Life Smart program. Log in to Homeweb and search “retirement” to get started. Your EFAP is only available prior to retirement and isn’t included as part of ASEBP’s Early Retirement or MyRetiree Plan benefits.