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NOTE: This information is only current as of Jul 6, 2022. Please visit for the most up-to-date information.

The Alberta School Employee Benefit Plan (ASEBP) is more than health insurance—we’re health champions. We provide sustainable, holistic health benefits, programs and services and are there to support you and your employer throughout your personal and workplace wellness journeys.  

Our benefit plans and services cover the full spectrum of the health journey, including general health, employee and family assistance and loss of life and disability benefits.

They are designed and continually improved using our knowledge of the public education sector in Alberta, and we work hard to develop innovative solutions that promote, protect and improve the overall health of you and your dependants every step of the way. And because no one should have to worry about health benefits, we make sure the plan is financially safe, secure and tailored to meet your needs.

Our model is a rarity in the traditional health insurance arena, and we’re proud to be the tailored, comprehensive option for the more than 140,000 Albertans impacted by our services.

At our Core

Our Mission

As the recognized leader in providing comprehensive health benefits and services specifically designed to meet the needs of Alberta’s public education sector, ASEBP is a committed partner in promoting, protecting, improving and sustaining the health of our covered members and their dependants.

Our Values

People. However you connect with us, our supportive culture and commitment to quality service means that we’re with you—wherever you are on your health journey.

Integrity. Being a trusted partner on your health journey means ensuring this responsibility is reflected throughout every aspect of our organization.

Collaboration. We see health as a shared responsibility. When individuals, organizations, health benefit plans and other stakeholders all work together to promote, protect, improve and sustain health and well-being in Alberta—everyone benefits.

Innovation. From technology tailored to your needs to creative approaches for achieving health outcomes or effectively managing the plan, we are always seeking innovative opportunities to enhance our services.

Sustainability. Whether we’re carefully balancing investments, leveraging knowledge or assessing trends, our focus remains the long-term sustainability of the plan for current and future generations.