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Taking Stock on Wellness

Feb. 25, 2019

First aid kits are found in all workplaces and you better believe you’ll find them in schools, your gym, local grocery store and a lot of other spaces too. But what about attending to those injuries or ailments in our schools that are less visible? How might we respond to an injury related to one’s own mental health? Is there an onsite first-aid kit for that, and if so, what’s on the inventory list? Peggy, an ASEBP workplace wellness liaison, recently talked about creating just that—a mental health first aid kit!

Whistle while you Work

Jan. 25, 2019

The focus on mental health is picking up more steam than ever before and, just as we know it’s important to foster good mental health practices for ourselves, the same goes for our workplace, too. It’s helpful to think of mental health like a community garden. Whether you tend to it or not, things will sprout up and grow—it could be weeds or beautifully colourful flowers, depending on the work everyone puts in.

Gather Round

Dec. 31, 2018

‘Tis the season to be merry—but what if we took on this mentality throughout the year, too? Think about the many ways that holiday traditions could work their magic into your everyday life at work and your connections with your colleagues. As Jocelyn points out in her latest Sandbox blog, there are many ways to engage your teammates and celebrate each other.

Work-Life Balance: Real or Fiction?

Nov. 30, 2018

We’re happy to report that although unicorns are indeed magical, finding balance between your work life and your home life isn’t the fate of fairy tales. Kylie McLean, one of ASEBP’s workplace wellness liaisons, puts a spin on this old idea to show us how work-life balance can be a tangible thing. We know that there will always be an ebb and flow to our lives as we take on workplace and personal responsibilities, successes, challenges and everything in between.

Wellness While You Work

Oct. 29, 2018

Every year we develop a set of posters that are easy to print off or share with your teammates, found on The Sandbox. We’re going to pump our own tires for a second and tell you that they’re great—but we’d rather you discover this for yourself! Check out our wellness-inspired posters that you can use and share throughout the entire year, chock-full of links to extra content and resources that can keep you sharing and implementing a variety of wellness ideas all year long!

Lessons from the Big Bike

Sep. 24, 2018

Have you and your teammates experienced the warm fuzzies when you help others in your community? Not only do you get some time to support those in need, it often acts as an opportunity for team bonding. Who would have thought a big bike would be the way ASEBP staff and friends get all of these feelings too!?

I Don’t Want to Work

Jul. 30, 2018

Among the bluebird days of summer, now’s a great time to reflect on your and your colleagues’ resilience. How do you create time for yourself and others in the workplace to recharge? What does this look like when you’re at home, or with your friends and family? Leanne Keyko offers some great reflections in her blog, outlining the benefits of recovery and rest for bolstering your day-to-day resilience.

Take the Suck out of Mental Health

May. 28, 2018

Mental health is just as important as going to your doctor for an annual check-up but did you know that the “suck it up” phrase around mental health still exists in our world? Leanne Companion brings some great information to the forefront on breaking down mental health stigmas that you may come across—and that includes in the workplace.

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