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Using Your Benefits

New Look, Same Great Benefits

Aug. 23, 2018
Our ASEBP ID card has gotten a makeover, but don’t worry, you still have all the same great benefits!
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New School Year, New My ASEBP!

Aug. 16, 2018
This fall, we’re launching a brand new My ASEBP website.
Upcoming Deadline

Don’t Lose It—Use It!

Aug. 13, 2018
The end (of the plan year) is near! You have until August 31 to incur 2017/18 spending account expenses and October 30 to submit claims for them.
Discussion between a patient and psychologist
Using Your Benefits

Managing Stress: Benefiting from your Benefits

Aug. 10, 2018
No matter what your 'stress situation' looks like, your ASEBP benefits are here to help.
Workplace Wellness

I Don’t Want to Work

Jul. 30, 2018
The key to resiliency is all about balance. Use these tips to help you and your teammates recover…in the sunshine.
Resting with Feet on Top of the Desk
Using Your Benefits

Pay. Claim. Relax.

Jul. 25, 2018
That’s right—submitting your benefit claims can be as easy as that.
Using Your Benefits

Safe Travels

Jul. 4, 2018
Planning a sizzling summer getaway? Learn more about your travel coverage, and what can impact it, before you leave the country.
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Using Your Benefits

Managing your Maintenance Medications

Jul. 3, 2018
Get the scoop on best practices for managing long-term prescriptions with your ASEBP plan.
Using Your Benefits

Decisions, Decisions

Jun. 29, 2018
If you have both a Health Spending Account (HSA) and a Wellness Spending Account (WSA), you have an exciting decision to make!
Workplace Wellness

Five Healthy Workplace Activities You Can Lead

Jun. 25, 2018
Five easy-to-start wellness activities for your workplace.