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MyRetiree Plan: 2022 Plan Design Changes

  • Retirement
Sep. 21, 2022

To ensure that ASEBP provides covered members with a plan that supports them— not just today but also tomorrow— we spent time this past year thoroughly reviewing the MyRetiree Plan options. This audit, together with feedback received from covered members and employer groups, has led to the following changes to the MyRetiree Plan.  

Eligibility Criteria 

Launching October 1, 2022: ASEBP is excited to welcome new members with expanded eligibility criteria! Now, former Alberta public education workers or surviving partners who have moved, or are planning to move, to another province (excluding Quebec) can apply if they are:  

  • Present or former employees of an eligible Alberta public school board 

  • Canadian residents (excluding Quebec) 

  • Covered under a provincial or territorial healthcare plan 

  • An eligible surviving partner of an eligible deceased employee of a qualifying Alberta public school board 

As before, applicants must be 50 years or above at the time of retirement. 

Additional Dental Plan Option 

Coming January 1, 2023: To ensure the MyRetiree Plan best suits covered members’ needs, ASEBP is adding an additional Enhanced Dental Care option. Stay tuned for more details as 2023 draws near. 

Have Questions? 

These enhancements, and any others that are introduced in the future, are designed to help support covered members and their families. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact the Benefits Specialist team through our Online Booking system, by email at or by calling our toll-free line at 1-877-431-4786.