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Celebrating 55 Years!

  • ASEBP News
Jun. 9, 2023

I am excited to announce that 2023 marks ASEBP’s 55th anniversary. Yes, you read that correctly—ASEBP started out way back in 1968!

It has been an honour serving Alberta’s public education sector for the past 55 years. From providing peace of mind to paying claims to supporting your health journey, ASEBP is proud of being there for you, both then and now. The organization has grown in so many ways these last five and a half decades and will continue to do so in the years to come to ensure covered member and employer needs are met.

This wonderful milestone will be celebrated for the remainder of the year, so stay tuned to the website, Facebook, and Twitter for anniversary activities.

And since the traditional gift for a 55th anniversary is emerald, a special version of ASEBP’s logo with an emerald green banner will be used to help celebrate—check it out above!


Kelli Littlechilds